Reasons Why You Need Whiteboard Animation Video In Your Internet Marketing Strategy

YouTube has grown steadily to attain the second largest search engine in the world. With over 2 billion videos watched daily, you need to fully harness the untapped potential that video marketing presents for business owners.

The time visitors spend on a page is drastically reduced especially when content is poorly presented. When visitors fail to understand what your website is all about, they quickly move away from your website and look for information elsewhere.

This ideally means that content presentation on online business platforms is an integral aspect of online business marketing. Whiteboard animation has become a powerful tool for engaging your online audience and summarizing for them what your business is all about in a short and powerful message.

Whiteboard videos captivate the audience and therefore have the ability to draw potential audiences to your website. This form of video marketing pays specific attention to passing a message to website visitors.

Rather than using plain text and images, whiteboard animation is considered an effective company presentation marketing strategy. Online audiences are always impatient and in a hurry; therefore, it is wise to come up with strategies that will quickly get them intrigued with your message.

Whiteboard animation videos should be summarized while at the same time aim to convince a customer by providing them with as much information as possible within a short time span.

We specialized in offering powerful cartoon style animation solutions which are typically summarized in a 1 minute video. The videos first introduce the headline, outline the problem and explain how it will be solved by your company.

At Jumping T-Rex Production, we take an extra mile not only to develop compelling whiteboard animation videos but deliver a highly effective and result oriented video marketing service for our clients. Our main focus is to develop winning marketing strategies that will uplift your business and strategically position it at the top.

We aim to offer high quality company presentation videos that will work in favor of your business for a long period of time. We are also committed to making sure that our clients’ videos serve the purpose they were intended for.

Using our video marketing service, our clients get to enjoy wide publicity for their whiteboard animation videos and in turn fully advertise your business online. Learn more about how you will benefit from our video marketing service below.

Our main strategy while developing whiteboard animation videos is to make use of psychologically proven techniques to draw visitors’ attention. We do this by fast drawing; voice and music to enable your audiences clearly understand what you are communicating to them.

The whole idea is to keep visitors waiting for the next drawing and listen to what will be said next. If you are not yet satisfied with your company’s marketing strategies, move to our pricing page and fill out your details to fast track the success of your business.


My Art Desk – Social Network & E-commerce Platform For Creative Artists Worldwide

In this day and age, we are bombarded with Social Media and with massive players like Google, Facebook and Twitter in the mix, we can easily miss an amazing new platform on the rise. In fact, statistically speaking Social Media will become more ‘Personalized’ than ever before regarding to ‘Targeted Social Media Platforms’.

While these Mega-Social-Media-Platforms are a great place for people to mingle, virtually speaking, they do lack certain elements that might motivate certain people to migrate their social media presence to something that ‘better benefits’ their own lifestyles.


What is ‘My Art Desk’?

My Art Desk is a brand new approach to social media all together with a strong focus on ‘Creative Works’ of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a musician, graphic designer, painter, sculptor, glass artist, actor, etc. then My Art Desk might seriously interest you.


Simply because My Art Desk is essentially building your very own following but with an element of e-commerce integrated. What this means is that you’re not just building a following, but actually potential clients which translates to money.

Companies and Brands can search your profile and purchase directly through the social media platform. It takes the best elements of e-commerce and combines it with the Social Power of your favorite social media platforms.

What can you do?

As an artist you have the ability to build a network, deliver status updates, post pictures and videos and essentially establish a strong presence online. Everything is interconnected which means you’d be able to use your existing Social media contacts to help build your new ‘Personalized Network’ catered specifically around your art. Here’s a couple of features you’ll see in My Art Desk:

  • Grow Friendship Circles
  • Comment and add reputation on other people’s artwork
  • Share your own artworks and share others
  • Message in between ‘Connections’
  • Sell your services & artworks by using customizable e-commerce platform
  • Have loads of fun!

As a Company or Brand (buyers) this tool becomes a ‘Must have’. Browse through thousands of profiles and art (products). If you like an artist and his/her work you can ‘Favorite’ and ‘Follow’ their profile. This will allow you to know about new works, time slots and much more.

The best thing however is the ability to actually do business online. This is a major winner! Imagine if you could go to Facebook, find an artist and purchase a service right from their profile. This is essentially what My Art Desk allows you to do. Now you don’t have to use third party programs to get your business done, it’s all conveniently added within the social media network.

What can be found on My Art Desk?

The type of projects that My Art Desk caters to are truly vast. Ranging from video talent to design, photography, voice talents, writers, models, actors and much more you can rest assured to find the right person for the project you have in mind.

With such a wide array of talent you will be able to contract the right kind of people with the proper credentials, read their feedback, check over their work and much more.

Artists will know that the people hiring them are legitimate customers as the site ensures that each company or brand purchasing have been verified.

This win-win scenario is precisely what is making people go ‘Bonkers’ over My Art Desk.

Bottom line

If you are an aspiring artist looking for the right kind exposure and access to paying customers, then My Art Desk most certainly will ‘sit right with you’. There are plenty of artists that managed to build a strong and prosperous following using the platform and are capitalizing on an untapped market.

For the business owner needing to find original and highly creative works and workers this site becomes a gold mine of talent. There is a reason why people are raving about the site, why not find out for yourself!

Visit to view more. My Art Desk connects you to new inspirational artist friends and clients looking for your professional service. We are launching our website soon and be the first 30000 to enjoy our account privileges and priorities. Reserve your account today.