MX-Academy – Learn How To Ride Dirt Bikes

Anyone, no matter age and gender, involves a point in everyday life where there can be a sudden should step on the gas. The boredom that everyday routines give eventually takes a toll and pulls you out of trouble of the box to be able to try a new challenge, excitement, and breath-taking.

Dirt bike ride is an exhilarating sport. Combine the pleasure of riding a dirt bike with all the thrill of racing in a very motorcross race you may have as most kids are hooked to. But the sport also holds a high element of danger if the proper gear and protection are certainly not used. So what is some of the gear and protection essential for dirt bike riding? What is needed to prepare before starting this extreme sport? With so many questions in mind, it is quite doubting whether it should be done or not.

Just do it! You know you want to try it out. So, just get a bike, buy some gear, get trained, find some friends, and go ride. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you are more of a practical kind of a person and would like to know the best way and where start, then MX-Academy is the place for you. MX-Academy is a company that offers motocross (MotoX), motorcycle and dirt bike ride classes for advanced beginners, children, women and professionals. Located in Switzerland, MX-Academy started out in the year 2006 and is run by Chris Moeckli until today.

Moto X, Enduro, Motocross and Motorcycling, they also offer complete motorcycle training for beginners which is a great opportunity for a slow training in a safe environment and with the guidance of professional bike riders in their team. Approximately 70% of their participants never had any experience with a motorcycle or a dirt bike. A large part goes after the first day, the basic technique and can jump over it already into the driving experience on the MotoX – apply route. With their motocross courses, they arrange the participants on their off road experience in 3 groups so that everyone gets to feel the challenge themselves and managed to go through them accordingly.

When registering, participants can also select a suitable route, a flat box for learning curves, or a real Motocross – slope with jumps. Plus, all of their trainers are professionals and experienced bike riders. Some of them even won or participated in dirt bike racing competitions. In addition, MX-Academy also offers trainings for kids and women. You can register for a Motorbike / Motocross event to enroll by entering all the required they needed, select your desired date and then you are set to go. Easy, safe and exciting. Other than that, they also offer renting services of their bikes and gears around Europe and Dubai. Visit MX-Academy and enrol a class with these great professional dirt bike riding trainers today.


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