Jumping T-Rex Production – Best Whiteboard Animation Company

Web videos are increasingly becoming popular and with good reason. In case you haven’t noticed, search engines such as Google now release video results along with any search you make. This means that with video, you get double optimization on your site.

This is one of the best ways to grab a visitor’s attention and get straight to the point with your message. Video is engaging and takes up less time which is important as people are interested in gaining information quick.

Studies show that a marketing video can result to increased sales by a margin of 400 to 800%. It’s also important to note that having a video presentation on a product increases your visitor’s chance of making a purchase by 85%. Such statistics just reiterate the point that web videos are good for business.

At Jumping T-Rex Production, we can produce an engaging, professional whiteboard video for your audience. We will also export the video to High Definition (HD). If you don’t have a great web video, you are losing out on the massive benefits this medium presents.

Increase your revenue today by clicking on the ‘Order’ button and increase your web presence and sales. Visit Jumping T-Rex Production to get your compelling whiteboard animation video at very affordable price.


Marvelop – Online Leave Management Software

As a business owner, you must be so busy managing your everyday business routine. Tracking staff leave may be time consuming. Isn’t your precious time is just to focus on your loved ones and your future business planning? Marvelop is the best solution for your problems. Marvelop is software by Connexior and this company runs by Micheal Kong since 2012. Marvelop is professional online leave management software and it automates the entire process of managing absences from work. Calendar Absence Tracker records and manages absences for any reason including vacation, holidays, training, appointments, sick leaves and much more.
With Marvelop advanced technology, your staffs are capable to request leave in certain simple steps, view the available number of days leave has left and automatically notify of the leave request for the appointed approver for approval. Marvelop is a secured web based application and it is available 24/7 from your computer as long as you are connected to the Internet with a modern web browser. It is very simple and easy-to-use interface and employee and manager self-service software.  It is scalable and perfect for all sizes of companies. It is very easy and simple to setup and they also provide online document to guide you through your setup.

Each leave request that is entered is presented to approvers with the information required to make an informed decision about the employee in question. Users can accrue a balance by day or transfer entire balance at the beginning of the calendar year and set accruals to run until a max allowance is reached. Apart of the normal approving notification process for approval, each employee can have two additional notifiers. The notifiers will be notified should there be any approvals or cancellation-approved processes that are made.

Your staff can submit leave requests online and as an employee you can approve, reject or cancel leave requests online and your staff will get an automatic email notification online. Marvelop is highly flexible and configurable. It is customized employee department and leave types. It can determine level of users which are administrators, manager, employees each with their own different permission and it is up to 2 levels of approving process. It is able to define company off days and request leave in hours or days. All information is backed up to dedicated server every night and your information will never be shared with anyone.

Other than that Marvelop has integration with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook and you can create multiple users at once by uploading a CSV file. It is very easy to setup and use this software. Managing your staff leave has never been easier than this. Marvelop is created to make your business progressions simpler and smoother. For more information and details, visit http://www.marvelop.com and contact their customer support for any inquiries and they will get back to you shortly.

Corrineloveboutique – Unique Vintage Inspiring Clothing and Accessories

Fashion is something that will never go out of style. People always wish to update themselves with the latest accessories, dresses, and shirts. Fashion always keeps on changing and it is important to stay updated. If you wish to get knowledge or need to keep an eye on the different changes of fashion, you’ll need to get info on the latest fashion trend. Every woman wants to dress fashionably that makes her happy and look trendy. Women’s fashion clothing has a very broad category.

Nowadays, shopping for fashion accessories online has increased a lot. More and more people have decided to shop products online. Shopping online is viewed as the best way to hold the trendy fashion and accessories. If you are looking to shop unique vintage inspiring clothing and accessories online, you can go visit http://corrineloveboutique.bigcartel.com. They are selling latest trending skirts, dresses and accessories. Corrineloveboutique runs by Kierra Carter and has been serving satisfied customers worldwide since 2013. They are only offering high quality latest fashion and accessories.

There are many benefits of shopping fashion and accessories online. The comfort of shopping finishing touches of your home is one of the main great things about shopping online. Online shopping makes it easier so that you can find the various offers going on fashion and accessories. Also you do not have to wait in long queues or have trouble of finding accessories that you want. Online shopping for fashion accessories gives you the usage of some of the best brands with the click of a mouse.

Cheap Flyer and Brochure Printing in Singapore

Starting a business is easy but maintaining and promoting them is not. Every business owner has their own way of promoting their services or products and there are a lot of ways to promote your business online and offline. Flyers hand out is one of the effective ways to reach your audiences and this is the best offline marketing strategy to promote your business. You must be smart in your marketing campaign where you must be careful of your budget. You need to print a lot of flyers to reach your audiences out there but what would they cost you?
What are the other ways to go without breaking your piggy bank for those expensive printing costs? 699me.com is here for the solution to your problem. Since 2013, 699me.com has served satisfied clients all over the Singapore for their professional flyer and brochure printing service. They are offering printing services at very low rates and it is guaranteed that 699me.com has the best and lowest price in Singapore. The best thing about this company is they offer printing services with delivery too. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money for your flyer hand out campaign.
For the A5 brochure printing service, you can get a full color with double sided, glossy art paper and 128 gsm with free delivery. Price starts at $180 for 1000 copies and you just have to add another $20 for another 1000 copies which is $200 for 2000 copies and $220 for 3000 copies. You will save a lot of money if you order in a big quantity. For the flyer printing, you can choose either 2 options. There are cheap flyer printing and budget flyer printing. What are the different between these two amazing services?
Cheap flyer printing pack comes with full color while the budget pack comes with one color only. Both come with single side, 70gsm paper, matte finish and free delivery. You can have the flyers in A5 or A6 depending on what makes you happy. Other than printing services, they are also offering website design, online marketing and email marketing. All of these are perfect for your online marketing strategy and boost your sales. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money to reach your audiences and promote your business. For any inquiries, visit http://www.699me.com or contact their friendly customer support and they will get back to you shortly.

DVD Portraits – Best Birthday Party Supply

Birthday is one of the most important days and events in someone’s life. During the birthday, friends and loved ones must be invited to lighten up the party. Celebrating your birthday with the people you love will make the day very special and creates a memorable event. No matter what is the age level, birthday must be celebrated every year and the day must be a special day that will be remembered. You need professional and experienced people to help you make your birthday or your loved ones very special and memorable.
Since 2006, DVD Portraits has been serving their satisfied customers with their birthday party supply services. DVD Portraits is the perfect place to buy presents, cards and party supplies for all your special occasions. At DVD Portraits, they make it easy for you to find the best gift for your child, grandchild, nephew, niece or even your best friend. The amazing part about DVD Portraits is they sell gifts with pet characters that actually come to life and play on the TV. It is great to keep your child’s imagination actively and wide.
Every child loves a cute pet friend. By coming alive, DP and his friends make sure that your child will always have a best friend and special childhood memories. Children love pets and cartoon animation, DVD Portraits brings you DP and his friends straight from the hometown of Disney. All will be the unique and cool pet cartoon that your kids will fall in love with. Not only because they are super cute but each pet comes to life and interacts with your child. DVD Portraits wants your child to have an extraordinary experience during their special day. DP and his friends which are gifts that come to life and it is a thing that your child will really get excited about!
It is important for your children to have a memorable childhood memory so that it can be remembered until they become adults and still talk about it. If you are looking for a birthday party supply or any special occasions, Orlando gift store will be the place where your search will end. They are selling perfect cards, gifts for kids, birthday cards and toys for kids, plush pets, cute kid’s blankets and pillows. With a professional and high quality products offered at their store, DVD portraits has become one of the best and famous online store for people to find birthday party and special occasion’s supplies. For more information and details, visit DVD Portraits and contact their customer support for any enquiries.

Cast Nashville – Start Your Acting Career

Do you ever have a dream to be movies or film star? Well who does not want to! Walking on the red carpet and the camera flash is flashing at you. It is a fun career but it is not easy to be an actor or actress. Everyone can act but you need a deep desire and natural talent to be an actor and the most important thing is commitment to reach your goal. To start your acting career, you must know where to start. You need to go for a casting or audition to take part in the film, commercials or television series projects.

With your busy daily routine, you must be lack of time to even know when or where they will need an actor. With the advanced technologies in the world nowadays, this industry has just moved to another level. No more handing out flyers looking for those who interested in acting. Cast Nashville is a website that offering a service that allows actors to create a free profile and uploads their headshots or resumes. Not just that but casting directors are also able to post their listings free as well as browse actor’s resumes. This casting location is around Nashville, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Franklin, Antioch and other close surrounding area.

You can announce your availability and submit your resume to hundreds of casting directors that visit this website. Casting directors can contact you directly as soon as a suitable position becomes available. For casting directors, they can post a project and view actor’s resumes. Cast Nashville will manually approve all casting directors and posts to verify that they are legitimate. They also regularly scan through the actor’s profiles to make sure they are valid. Regarding to that progress, casting directors get real and top of the line actors have a reliable source to find casting notices.

Looking for a casting director was not hard as it used to unless you have a big name in the industry, then they will find you for the projects. This might be your platform to start your acting career, who knows? Don’t let your valuable talent disappear just like that. Visit http://www.castnashville.com and join their sites now. Don’t forget to upload impressive resumes for the casting directors to see. If you have any enquiries about Cast Nashville, you can contact their customer support and they will get back to you shortly.