Platinum Herbs – Top Quality Kratom and Kava Root

Kratom is indigenous to Thailand, and the question playing in our mind, is Kratom safe and not regulated by the US federal government though it is on their ‘Drug and Chemical of Concern’ list. Some states have passed some laws to establish an age limit and other states have sought to find some way to list as a controlled substance, but don’t seem to know how to classify it since Kratom is not a synthetic or cannaboid.
Since 2002, Platinum Herbs which is based in Florida, USA has been selling Kratom and Kava Root and they are online selling the best and top quality of them. Platinum Herbs is selling Kratom Capsules, Kratom Tinctures, Kava Kava, Kratom Crushed Leaf, Kratom Powders and Kratom Samples.

Kava is a plant native to the South Pacific and supports normal relaxation from tension brought on by everyday stress. It promotes muscle and nerve relaxation and encourages a sense of emotional and well-being. Kava-Kava has been used as a ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. Their platinum sampler comes with a punch like no other you will find in the market today. First up is a 2ML of the exclusive super strength Kratom tincture you can only find here at Platinum Herbs.

Their Kratom capsules are made with only high quality all natural Bali, Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian Kratom. Each capsule contains premium Kratom with the highest alkaloid levels for a superior results while their Kratom Crushed Leaves are processed and packed directly to ensure the best quality and 100 natural. This is by far some of the finest quality Kratom Crushed Leaf available anywhere. Platinum Herbs Kratom Tinctures are among the most potent available. Along with Bali Full Spectrum Tinctures, here at Platinum Herbs they are offering you Bali and Maeng Da blended into a super strength tincture that you are sure to fall in love with.

Leaves from the Kratom tree have had a wide range of uses of the people of Southeast Asia who have known and utilized the benefits of this miracle plant for centuries. Its popularity has grown in the western nations of the world as more and more people are becoming aware of the versatility of this plant. In smaller doses Kratom has been known to produce stimulation, motivation, a heightened desire to work, extended energy, relief from fatigue, increased focus and mental awareness, increased social and communication skills, relief from anxiety and depression, and an overall feeling of euphoria. For more information and further details, please visit


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